Walk Too Fast, Walk Two Time

If you walk too fass you walk two time
Dis proverb prove true eight time outa nine
For nuff smaddy weh palawash dem job
Soon realize dat a dem own time dem rob

Now Miss Mavis inna one big rush
An no hab time fi put on di final touch
Shi was baking bullas fi sell
Someting shi could do very well.

But tedday shi wake up late
An shi hurry up an bake
So dat shi could reach by five
Wen har customers would arrive

Well of course shi reach  in time
But shi neva meck a dime
For afta one smaddy taste di cake
Im seh it give im bellyache

So Miss Mavis lose har sale
An har cake stay till dem stale
Afta dat shi haffi teck great pain
Fi bake good cake fi sell again


Patricia Whittle is Jamaican. She has published two books namely Mi Waan Fi Publish A Book: An Anthology of Jamaican Dialect Poems and Johnny, Mass Tom and Fatal Error: Three Short Plays for the Jamaican Audience. She is a librarian and a teacher of English Literature.

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Anonymous said...

Quite funny.

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