Housewuck a sinting weh never done
Yu wuck roun di clock an no hab no fun
So if yu hab a job plus a husban
Yu fi try an get a helper if yu can.

Now Valerie live eena one hellova house
So yu expect har fi hab a helper of course
Shi hab three pickney an a full time job
An add to dat shi hab a husban name Bob.

Everytime mi si Valerie, shi too busy
Shi even complain seh har head often dizzy
Shi doan even hab time fi talk pon di phone
Shi seh all di wuck lan pon she alone.

One day mi jus get upset wid har
So mi gi har a piece a mi mine sar
Mi sey, “A full time yu tap gwan like idiot Valerie?
Yu hab pickney an husban an yu still unhappy.

Yu wuck out yu soul case bout yu a cut an carve
 If yu hire a helper unnu not gwine starve
 Wi hab plenty poor people who waan fi live
 Hire one meck God bless yu, fi wat yu give.

 Wen yu pay di little wages, it nah done yu money
 But wen yu overwuck an get sick, it won’t  bi funny
 For it sad wen yu rich an yet yu nuh healthy
 But a joy if yu healthy, tho yu nuh suh wealthy.


Patricia Whittle is Jamaican. She has published two books namely Mi Waan Fi Publish A Book: An Anthology of Jamaican Dialect Poems and Johnny, Mass Tom and Fatal Error: Three Short Plays for the Jamaican Audience. She is a librarian and a teacher of English Literature.

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Anonymous said...

I like this social commentary on a very real and perplexing issue for the working mother-wife, which is displayed here quite interestingly. Thanks for a rich piece of advice. Thumbs up!!!

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