Julie Mango

Miss Julie
a perfect handful
to contend with,
always playing hard
to get,
How is the air up there
Miss Julie?
Don't worry
because I will know
when you are ready
for me,
that slow blush
spreading like the dawn
over young skin.
I will come for you
and steal you away
behind their backs
Miss Julie
I will savor your wild
tropical scent
of heat and savage rain
and be your first
carnivorous love
of sweet pulp and
warm sticky punch.
And then Miss Julie
I will take you home
to breed for me
an infinite feast
of little Julies.


Born and raised on Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Vanessa moved to Canada for her studies, where she received a degree in Comparative Literature and Culture, and currently works as a Library Assistant. In her free time she edits other people's writing instead of doing her own. She has been published by Compass, Inscribed, Calabash and The Caribbean Writer, and is a contributing editor at ARC Magazine.

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