Tonight I must confess
I need to feel your moist-hard-lean warmth
gouging a straight-tight-narrow path
deep within me
should I be more explicit
my arousal is so implicit
it shouts of youthful undertakings
of the most primitive kind

No more narcissistic love affairs
to leave me frothing at the mouth
like some rabid dog
wallowing in uneasy imagination
wrestling slippery shadows
till victory tastes of ashes
or unclean feet…

Let’s do a rain dance upon the sheets
I need to feel the petal-soft-caress
of your lips upon my skin
stroking a fire that burns deep-deep
in the centre of my being
tease me with the thunderous applause
of your moans and groans and shudders
let the quick-lightning of your salt-wet-hot tongue
awash me in the water colours of our loving

And afterwards
let no second hand attempt
at this thing called love
make a lie of what we’ve shared
this night.
I need no sticky alibis
love soaked promises
or soppy introspection
to bring me sweet release
to feel some hope again
inside me quivering
shivering even
as flowers do after a summer rain
since a long-dry-hot spell.


Carlyon Blackman is a born/bred Bajan native of Barbados who is defining/refining her voice through poetry. Previous publications include The Caribbean Writer. Carlyon can be reached at


Robert Gibson: PWES Editor said...


Making me wanna find someone to enjoy it with.....

Excellent writing. :)

One of my favourite poems ... definitely added to my favourites list :)

Sandra Sealy said...


Hot den, my Bajan sista!

Ironic that it's called "Lovesong" and it's apparent that the protagonist is seasoned and satisfied with purely "sweet release", rather tnan be bogged down with the bullshit of head games (like "I love you" when you really don't!). You've made the booty call romantic here!

Enjoyed the fresh imagery of the "awash me in the water colours of our loving", calling to mind the sweaty afterglow after the colourful fireworks of orgasm.

I've been in that place that you're writing about. Sure it'll connect to many others as well.

Joanne said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I must confess, Powerful stuff. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Who says love is dated? Who says love poetry is not in? Carlyon Blackman answers this unequivocally here. Love/poetry IS IN!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful writing. Loved every line of it. Surely there's much, much more to come from her

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