About Us

St. Somewhere Journal is on indefinite hiatus.

St. Somewhere Journal is an online literary journal with a focus on the broader Caribbean Basin region. Our primary mission is to present works from, about or inspired by this geographic region, its peoples and cultures. Secondary emphasis will be placed on works of an international nature, or with more general appeal.

There are many online literary journals and magazines, but St. Somewhere Journal hopes to help fill an under served niche in the writing market. Literature from the Caribbean region has relatively few viable outlets, despite its rich history and large potential audience. Of those outlets, many are not readily accessible to a broad audience.

Additionally, St. Somewhere Journal wishes to foster a sense of accessibility that is sometimes lacking in more formal or academic publications. We seek to feature the work of both emerging and established writers, regardless of credentials or previous credits. Well-written and well-crafted works are our concern.
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