The Nutsman

My grandfather is a nutsman.
He owns a metal grinder
And makes nuts for people;
Lug nuts, sleeve nuts, serrated flange nuts.
But one time he made a human nut
Who remains fastened to his room.
He gets up late and watches television
While his loud fat wife downs another glass
And dances to the chutney rhythm outside.
The wrenches could give him a torque
And they could drill him with a little bit,
But he couldn’t get loose.
He was stuck there,
Destined to corrode,
A new layer of rust forming
Every time he is forced to come out and say hello.


Kevin Jared Hosein is a writer and artist born and raised in the Caribbean island state Trinidad and Tobago. He is a writer and poet who has a novella, Littletown Secrets, debuting in June, 2013. In 2009, he penned a poem entitled "The Wait is So, So Long" that would go on to be adapted as a short film that would be featured and win a Gold Key Award at the NY-based Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Although he is currently employed as a Biology and Physics secondary school teacher, he writes everyday to have a significant body of work, to build discipline and to create his own voice and style in the world of West Indian literature.

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