Not Me

Sitting Alone

Staring out to sea, is it the horizon he watches?

The sun how it sets?

He sits and he stares with a look in his eye.

A look so sad, so alone, just staring out to sea.


‘Are you ok?” I ask slowly moving by his side

He beckons me to sit on the sand a while, as he stares out to sea

Not at me.

He’s an elderly man, on a vacation he had planned

Months ago with his wife, the love of his life

She too loves to sit and stare at the sea

It’s their anniversary, fifty years of wedded bliss

She loves jewels he says, now holding an ornate box in his hand

Gently and lovingly he caresses it, as he stares out to sea

Not at me

From far away they came, running from the cold

To the island of paradise where the sunset is gold

He looks at the box a smile on his face

Staring out to sea

Not at me

He smiles ever so slight

for that second as the golden ball sets

He squeezes the box and on the horizon the green light flashes

He opens it gently and in the waves, spreads her ashes.

A tear down his cheek, staring out to sea

Not at me


Graham Bannister is a member of the group “League of Extraordinary Poets “ (LXP) in Barbados, where he also engages as a Spoken Word artist. He has been recognized with a 2012 NIFCA award for his prose.
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