Twice Fried Bake

I want to sink my fists deep into your unfried bake

My raw knead forcing the air from the pocket where you hide your heart from me

I want to pace up and down the hall of your memory

as I wait for you to rise


double in size


become twice the man you were when I

penned these lines

I am cheating glances beneath warm damp cloth

Even as the timer is ticking its tock

Again and again I scrub our past from my hands

Dig our scar tissue out from under the nails of my bed

Fingers itching to feel you take form


roll you between their palms


roll my pin through your charms ’til you

sing out in psalms

I watch you bubble and brown as the season grows wiser

Joyously praying that His grace is what fills you

This hollowness hungers to know your reason


Taste your every flavor


Give thanks for love’s bounty that I pray we

learn to savor

I want us to be the meal that completes our family’s table

That compliments the dish that each one of us has brought here

And like any good chef, I will wait

For us to rise


Double in size


Become twice the united we were when I

Penned these lines


Mika Maharaj is a multimedia artist from the United States who currently lives in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She is an advocate for human rights, gender equality, environmental preservation, and dreaming big.  She hopes to change the world armed with the ink of her pen, the lens of her camera and a few bars of dark chocolate.

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