Morning Prayer in a Saint's Parish

The double casement windows
expertly frame the morning view,
Like a pair of paintings a curator placed
Close together for greater appreciation

Skies of blues,
Cotton ball clouds of layered whites.
Sunlight dappled on the shaddock tree leaves
and un-ripened fruit in the foreground,
The large, dark leaves of the breadfruit tree in the background.
Multiple shades of green.
The daily sight refreshes my spirit.

I turn my focus to the faucet
and add my praises to those of the singing birds
and crowing roosters
as the cold water refreshes my warm body.
Aiiee - ALLELUIA!                          


Sharain Ward has been writing since the 1980s.  Her writing explores her surroundings, people and life through the prism of her Caribbean background.

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