Then… as I stood over the water I saw her face. The one I love but could not have, the one I dreamed of but could not touch. My fingers made streaks in the water as the only thing I wanted was to touch her beautiful face, but she faded slowly; I was left alone.

In an instant I was left to realize how empty I now felt. The many dreams I have had about her seem so real and whenever I found myself around her I was convinced that one day she would be mine. As my tears fell into the water, her reflection revealed itself once more but this time she was not alone.

I was forced to look at her in the presence of another doing all the things I so long dreamed about. My tears were not enough to vanish these images and neither were these stones that only sank. I refused to accept that which was true, so without pride in my heart I took my own sight; no longer will I see that which has hurt me.


Kade Anthony Walker hails from Jamaica, where he attended Holmwood Technical High School. He enjoys reading, writing and socializing.

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