The great taproot

I can see the bottom –
It is like a great taproot.

I have been there before.
I have suffered the brightness

Of the color red –
It moves a great sea

Inside of me and is not
Welcome in my house of sorrows.

Everything is white and as sterile
As a surgeon’s knife.

The sound of the rain comes
In a fantastical downpour

Of astounded souls.
I wish only for silence and blackness-
Especially the silence.


Dawnell Harrison has been published in over 65 magazines and journals including The Endicott Review, Fowl Feathered Review, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Vox Poetica, Abbey, Iconoclast, Puckerbrush Review, Nerve Cowboy, Mobius, and many others. She has also had 3 books of poetry published; Voyager, The Maverick Posse, and The Fire Behind My Eyes

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