I Can Not

I can not place a baseball cap

on my head, even though it

says Coral Beach Club, Bermuda

and is hibiscus pink. I can’t

join the American baseball spirit

where life is a game as you

hit the sun out of the park

with a whack! Make a home run

where your own bright light stars,

as you run around a diamond

shaped like a fan. I can not

put this Donald Duck beak

on my face, nor turn it round

into a Davy Crockett tail.

Sole daisy petal attached to

a skull says,  I love myself so! 


Nancy Anne Miller is a Bermudian poet. Her book Somersault is forthcoming from Guernica Editions(CA).Her poems have appeared  in Edinburgh Review (UK), The International Literary Quarterly (UK), Stand(UK), Magma (UK),Journal of Postcolonial Writing (UK), Mslexia (UK), The Moth (IE), A New Ulster (IE), The Fiddlehead (CA), The Dalhousie Review (CA), Postcolonial Text (CA),The Caribbean Writer (VI),tongues of the ocean(BS),Sargasso: Journal of Caribbean Literature(PR)Journal of Caribbean Literatures (USA), Hampton Sydney Poetry Review(USA) Theodate (USA),with poems forthcoming in Agenda(UK). She has an M Litt in Creative Writing from Univ. of Glasgow, is a MacDowell Fellow and teaches workshops in Bermuda.

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