In Another Time

We sat in an imaginary cafe

with a pretend table between us

you grasped my hand

turned it upright 

folded words into my unaccustomed flesh

etched stars into my memory

You gave me a story without light

without sound

I knew then the smirk of your silence - 

  My mind poured into the widening black

   of your iris' stutter

- as you watched new worlds birth from my tongue


Leshanta Roop is a part-time English tutor currently residing in Cunupia, Trinidad. She has had poems published in the 2007 anthology - Heart to Verse, Wordlines from UWI and was also a participant in The Cropper Foundation Caribbean Writer's Workshop, 2010. She seeks to inspire as much as she is inspired by the world around her - a  lifelong task, and joy. 

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