Cyan Blue

Nassau, Bahamas

the old man
points me
down George Street
to the pirate museum

his fingers gnarled
and brown as a banyan tree
ocean foam silver
wild cyan blue

already showing me
the riotous beauty
I’ll see in the wax figures
of Ann Bonny
Captain Teach
Calico Jack

this old man’s
earth dark skin
and seawater eyes

the Carib yin-yang
of duppy and angel
bondservant and buccaneer

the Bahamian brew
of his African and European blood
braided smooth
as the dreadlocks
on Blackbeard’s face


Shayla Hawkins has been published in, among other journals, Calabash, The Caribbean Writer, Tongues of the Ocean, TORCH: Poetry, Prose, and Short Stories by African American Women, and Vwa: Poems for Haiti. She lives in Detroit, Michigan.

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