With Feathery Wings

With feathery strings of shimmering black pearls
The morn stretches orange-pink fingers… welcome.
Before the crescendo of traffic and blaze of sun
Brunts the ripe squawk of birds
I too for flight am light-wired
High-headed and word-fully attired…
Dew on grass bejeweled prisms
Rainbow-spackled liquid prisons;
Pregnant with power overhead lines hummm
An ahm croonin’ too some
One by one avian minions side-step
Down-wire like puffy moppets
‘Til slam of brakes and tooting horns
Disturbs Dawn’s calm and up-come Horus
Breaks the chorus of bird-song…
The afternoon beckons


Fitzroy Cole migrated from Jamaica in 2007 and now lives in Miami, Florida. He has published an anthology "ForTheSakeOfMagic...PoetryIsLife" under the pseudonym Fitzroy "Jagga/Viva!" Cole. It was published through XLIBRIS and is available online from Barnes and Noble, Borders and Amazon.com. In 2005, he published a double/reversed anthology in Jamaica, which is available at bazba.com. It is titled "Lyrical Sonnets from the Heart/Sojourner".

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Viva! Yours is the perennial.

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