About Us

St. Somewhere is an online literary journal with a focus on the Caribbean region and surrounding areas, such as the Coastal South of the United States. Our primary mission is to present works from, about or inspired by the Caribbean. Our secondary mission is to present works related to the areas surrounding the Caribbean, in an effort to compare and contrast those underappreciated elements of shared history and culture that exist between both people and places.

While print publications certainly have an appeal of their own, the internet provides a different type of environment in which literature can reach a widespread audience unprecedented speed. We believe that our chosen publication model gives us the opportunity to showcase worthy poetry and fiction, while taking advantage of the nature of the internet and digital technology. Through innovative and creative means, we seek to connect writers and readers in the ever-changing landscape of modern publishing.

There are many online literary journals and magazines, but St. Somewhere hopes to help fill an underserved niche in the writing market. Literature from the Caribbean region has relatively few viable outlets, despite its rich history and large potential audience. Of those outlets, many are not readily accessible to a broad audience. Despite the vast array of online literary outlets, those with a Caribbean focus are in even shorter supply here than in the print world.

Additionally, St. Somewhere wishes to foster a sense of accessibility that is often lacking in more formal or academic publications. As such, we seek to feature the work of both natural talents, as well as the formally trained, the emerging writer, as well as the established writer. Well-written and well-crafted works are, of course, what we wish to highlight, but we also believe that "literary" does not have to mean "snobbish". If we can find the common ground between the reader, the MFA graduate and the self-taught author, we will have accomplished this goal.
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