Licks carnt dun!

Have you ever dance de maskerade wid out de beat a de drum?
Well leh mi tell yoh dis
I learn to dance dhat tune
From licks carnt dun!
Have you ever  jump skipping rope widout de rope?
Man I learn to jump skipping rope
From licks carnt dun!
Have you ever seen stars and it ain't night yet?
I seen plenty a stars in de galaxy
From licks carnt dun!
Mi a tell yoh when Marmie a gi licks
Pickny gat to run...
"Fowl waa sleep pon roost no hard to get cetch!"
Dem words ain't no fun.
Mi swear all part a me garn
Mi jump up like mi walk in a stinging ants
Mi riggle and scratch,
Mi root like a pig
Mi scrabble like a fowl
Mi wail like howlin win
Mi bawl like rainfall
Just because...
Licks carnt Dun!


Andrea Olivia Ottley was born and raised in the Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis. She is a mother of five children who enjoys motherhood as well as the kaleidoscope of life. She is a poet, a writer and a photographer who believes the world to be art in its natural and creative sense.
She writes largely as a mean to comfort herself using native vernacular and vibrant descriptions to create her own voice and style in the world of Caribbean Literature.

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TamBrann said...

Some vivid imagery. Love it.

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