My love is immeasurable
Like if I tried to count exactly how many grains of sand
Were on Accra Beach at 1 in the morning on Tuesday night
Or what exactly is the weight of a heart made heavy with missing you....

Immeasurable like the exact distance apart lust is from like is from love on the emotional scale
Or the speed of which my heart escalates when my thoughts oscillate around you
Or the strength of concentration it takes to control the penetration of
Your mind with my words
I want to make love with my voice
Not make you feel like a used whore
Emotionally raped by a wham bam thank you ma'am conversation.

My love is immeasurable
Like the exact span of the universe I fall into when we kiss
Or exactly how many seconds I have to miss the beating of my heart
Before I have to break the link with your lips
to make sure I can continue living.

My love is immeasurable
Like the exact amount of pleasure derived from hearing your voice
After not hearing it since yesterday at 9 o'clock
Since you were too tired to stay on the phone and took an early night
Or the speed in kilometres per second of my thoughts
As they race each other across the distance between my soul to yours
Irrespective of whether you are across the world
Or laying right next to me, wrapped up in my arms.

No instruments in existence can measure the level of persistence it takes to wear down your defenses
The length of time I dug into the trenches and made war against your shyness
Took siege against your reluctance to peek out of your shell
I rejoiced like Israel when that Jericho wall fell
And I moved in to lay claim to my territory.

My love for you is immeasurable.
So just accept it -
And stop trying.


Robert R. Gibson is a member of the League of Extraordinary Poets (LXP) in Barbados and enjoys painting sensual images with his words, leading his audience into a sensory experience.  In 2011, Robert entered the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) with three poems – Luscious, Rain, and Goblet. Luscious received a silver award, and Goblet and Rain received bronze awards. He also received the Most Promising Poet award for the year. In 2012, Robert entered NIFCA again and one of his poems – Tribute – received a bronze award. He maintains a personal blog called Passion's Pleasure.

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