I Want to Go Back

(For Ena Mae Attride)

I want to go back
to the time when you were here,
when life made sense and I was embraced by, enveloped in
the thick blue blanket
that was your love.

I want to go back 
to the feeling of not knowing 
and not caring because you 
were my rock, my stay;
to once again hear
those three little words - 
"Yu a grow."

I want to go back in time
and ask you to stay
because you never explained 
what that meant
and now I am grown
but still don't understand.

I want to go back 
to your arms 
on those inky, moonless nights
that you'd illuminate with your lamp
and anoint me with your words
and stories of "ol time."

I want to go back
with you so I could know you 
as you were then,
so young and full of life;
to dance with you in your "floor shows"
and maybe understand 
the woman you would become.

I want to go back
but I can't.
You left me so suddenly,
so cruelly and painfully.
My life went down the drain.
I want to get it back.
I wish I could go back...

to that first week of high school

Just one moment was all it'd take
to save myself from this endless heartache.
Show you my new feathers,
get your approval to fly.
Above all, I'd just wanted to see your face,
let you know 
I love you,
maybe say 


Tracey-Ann Wisdom is a writer, journalist, blogger and online content specialist from St Ann, Jamaica. She is a graduate of The University of the West Indies, Mona, with a BA in Media and Communication. Tracey has been an avid reader all her life and credits her late grandmother for instilling in her a love of books (and celebrity gossip). Her favourite writers include Toni Morisson, Zadie Smith, Nora Roberts and Elizabeth Gilbert. She hopes to one day become a Nobel Laureate. In the meantime, check out her blog write-overthink-rewrite.blogspot.com.


TamBrann said...

I wish I could go back too. So luvin this...

Renae Simpson said...

Congrats Tracey! This is a beautiful Poem. Love it.

jcanwisegrrl876 said...

Thanks ladies :) Appreciate the support.

AuntieKen :-) said...


jcanwisegrrl876 said...

Thanks Auntie Ken :)

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