Nerudia Slip

You remind me of
A glass of wine
The way the light distorts 
When it touches your hair
Your hips the curve of the glass
Your skin soft like ruffled velvet
Waves of merlot swirled
Before the first taste
How not one glass, one bottle,
One cork, one man could 
Contain you
And I write not only of the love that
Propagates from your stem
But the wine of youth
In your Chardonnay eyes
And the wine of life 
That spills through 
your cabernet heart


Jameson Stewart enjoys leaving messages in a bottle in his bathtub, frequent Nerudian slips when discussing romance and cold weather. He believes the best part of opening a bottle of champagne is that you then must drink it in its entirety, and the best part of writing poetry is submitting it to editors for rejection.

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