I thought I saw you crying

I thought I saw you crying,
Thought I saw a tear fall.
Imagined that you were-
Imagined that your tears ran dry
And instead blood seeped from your eyes.
Red stains your face as it touches your cheek.
I had almost forgotten that you and I look so alike
But nothing lasts forever
Everything eventually changes even you and I
Not that they would remember…
I dreamt your sons gained wings to fly
Dreamt that they could see you,
 Wherever you may be
Imagined that you had-
Imagined that you would come to me
If I closed my eyes
And our eyes would run water together
Red will not stain your face again
Pain will reach you no longer
Do you remember me?
Or did I just imagine your motherly embrace
I dreamt your sons were mine
Dreamt that you left them to me
In your dying breath
I thought I saw you leaving
Thought I saw you left
Imagined that -
Imagined that one day if you could
You’d come back to me.
Memories will not be all I have
Death will not touch you
And you would still love me,
I dreamt your sons were mourning
Dreamt I mourned with them
Hoping that you would someday
You’d come back to me my friend.


Samantha Salandy is from Trinidad and is currently pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Business Management. 

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