Sneak Peek at the New Issue

January 6 will mark the return of St. Somewhere Journal with our first issue of 2013...our first since 2010! We are coming back strong and here is a sneak peek at the line up we have for the new issue.

These talented individuals come from a diverse range of locales, including South Africa, Dominica, Jamaica, U.S.A., British Virgin Islands, Trinidad & Tobago and Bermuda. 


  • Afzal Moola
  • Nicholas Alexander
  • Valentina Cano
  • Richard W.E. Georges
  • Danielle Boodoo- Fortuné
  • Grace E. Welch
  • K. Jared Hosein
  • Leshanta Roop
  • Jameson Stewart
  • Colin Dodds
  • Samantha Salandy
  • Althea Romeo-Mark
  • Mika Maharaj
  • Sharain Ward

  • Jonathan Bellot

Visual Art:
  • Danielle Boodoo- Fortuné
  • Portia Subran

  • Patricia Whittle
  • Glynis Guevara
  • K. Jared Hosein
  • Indira Sammy
  • Michael M. Pacheco
  • Patty Somlo

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