Wheel And Come Again

"Wheel and come again!"

In the parlance of the Jamaican dancehall, this is an exhortation to the selector to rewind, or spin back the record, and start a song over. The vibes are nice, the mood is right and the tune hits the spot so that you just want to take it from the top one more time - wheel and come again.

The July issue of St. Somewhere marks six months since the modest beginnings of what was little more than a literary experiment. While the journal is still in its infancy and has a lot of growing to do, it has gotten off to a good start. It may not have the widest readership, but it's definitely establishing its niche. It's beginning to set a mood, a vibe. The progress has been so encouraging that the time has arrived for this journal to "wheel and come again", before settling into its groove.

This issue will be the last of its kind. Going forward, St. Somewhere will be published on a quarterly basis, with the first of the new model being released in late October 2010. As a quarterly publication, the presentation will change, as well. In an effort to improve our aesthetic, we'll be transitioning to a more magazine-esque format. We will be using the technology at issuu.com to present our online version, as well as offering a .PDF download of each issue. These distribution methods will not only present our contributors' work in a more polished and professional manner, but also allow our readers more options for viewing and sharing the journal.

It has been an honor and privilege to gather and share such great poetry and prose here on St. Somewhere. The works of our contributors, whether established or up-and-coming writers, has surpassed the level of talent that I had hoped for when I began this little venture. Certainly not everything has gone as planned, but I honestly didn't expect to attract such a solid collection of writing in such a relatively short period of time. I'm optimistic that in its new incarnation, St. Somewhere will continue to meet this standard and, with time, to reach even greater heights.

In the meanwhile, I hope you'll enjoy this last monthly issue as much as I've enjoyed putting it together. You'll find some familiar names in the July issue, along with some new ones. You'll also notice a little bit of a different twist for this month's presentation. The titles and authors for the entire month will be revealed from the onset, but each week the links for each new volume will be activated.

Thanks for visiting St. Somewhere and we look forward to growing and sharing together in the months ahead. Good reading!

Randy Baker
St. Somewhere Journal


Nicolette Bethel said...

Congratulations, Randy -- I'm interested to see where you go and how it develops in the new incarnation.

Well done!


Randy Baker said...

Nicolette, thank you. Your work at toto has been an inspiration, so I certainly appreciate your encouragement.

MelizaC said...

I recently discovered this wonderful journal! As a Jamaican, I certainly understand "wheel and come again". I look forward to the new format and more wonderful sumissions. Congratulations!

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