Elements of You

you are
right handed
you lean left
you are
warm hearted
yet your
hands are
are a very young
old soul
who is
long winded
but short temperd
strong willed
but weak
in the knees
you are
and then
don’t know
very well
but still
would like
to get to know me
what you have
you don’t
know what
that is
but if
it was
it would
be very
and sell
at Macy’s


Ivan Jenson has enjoyed success publishing his poetry in the US and the UK and he has received recognition for his bold Pop Art. His "Absolut Jenson" painting was featured in Art News, Art in America, and he has sold several works at Christie's, New York. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Word Riot, Zygote in my Coffee, Camroc Press Review, Word Catalyst Magazine, Poetry Super Highway, Alternative Reel Poets Corner, Underground Voices Magazine, Blazevox, and many others. He now writes novels and poetry in Grand Rapids, Michigan. http://www.ivanjensonartist.com/

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